Voices from the field: WASH SDG has a podcast now

Article: 22.08.22, Amsterdam

WASH SDG has a podcast now! In WASH SDG voices from the field, we'll get in touch with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) experts working in several countries in Africa and Asia. In 2022, three new episodes will be released!

In the WASH SDG podcast

We'll talk about different themes related to WASH, and may include topics as varied as water governance, leaving open defecation behind or menstrual health and hygiene.

WASH SDG Programme

The WASH SDG Programme aims to improve access to safe drinking water for at least 4.5 million people and clean toilets for 2 million people before the end of 2022. The WASH SDG Consortium is formed by the WASH Alliance International (lead by Simavi), Plan International Netherlands and SNV.

Menstrual Health in Times of Covid-19

In the first episode, Menstrual Health in Times of COVID-19, the podcast discusses how Covid-19 impacted the way women in Africa and Asia manage their period. Normally, schools are the main source of reliable information and a safe place. 

Due to Covid-19, schools were closed, houses were packed and privacy was scarce, to not even mention the stress that comes with a pandemic. Together with two experts in the field, Andrew Samuel Kiiza (Plan International Uganda) and Pema Lhaki (NFCC, Nepal), we discussed the situation, the work that the government does and the next steps to be taken.

Shining a light on global water issues

The second episode of the WASH SDG podcast was released the week before World Water Week. Leading up to this week, the WASH SDG Programme interviewed Evelyne Busingye and Tamene Chaka about their work in Uganda and Ethiopia.

They discuss that water sources are limited and shared with many sectors, and upstream activities affect the water source downstream. These are some of the many reasons why integrated water resources management and WASH (Water, sanitation and hygiene) are inseparable, and more importantly, why they have to collaborate. But how?

You can listen to the interviews in the podcast via Spotify, YouTube or Anchor.

The moment to value toilets

The third episode was released around World Toilet Day, the moment to value toilets. Because 3.6 billion people still live without a safely managed toilet. In developing countries, they often rely on on-site sanitation that starts with containment that catches human waste and requires emptying.

In this episode we discuss, together with two experts, Rajeev Munankami and Maria Carreiro, the urgent need to broaden our perspectives about toilets and make the term ‘safe sanitation’ actionable, especially considering today’s rapidly changing climate.

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New episodes in 2022

By the end of the programme, the WASH SDG Consortium hopes to have sustainably improved access to, and use of, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for people living in various countries in Africa and Asia. However, how does the programme ensure sustainability and equity of WASH services? How are communities supported to adapt to water-related climate challenges? And are there ways to enhance the impact of the programme, by innovating and testing creative models? Rest assured! In 2022, three new episodes of the WASH SDG podcast ‘Voices from the field’ will be released, to answer all your questions.

WASH at stake in health care facilities

We kick off the first episode of 2022 by talking about innovation. The WASH SDG programme has set up an Innovation Fund to test innovative approaches and practices in the WASH sector. Currently, the fund is supporting three projects that all focus on the development of WASH innovations in health care facilities. Shrawasti Karmacharya, Putri Annisa Pramesti and John Mutebe will talk you through each project and discuss how these innovations have helped to complement and enhance the impact of the WASH SDG programme.

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Adapting to a changing climate

Leading up to World Water Week, Silvia Devina, Ami Reza, Hasina Uttaran will engage in a conversation on the link between WASH and climate change. They will discuss how the unprecedented pressure from fast-rising temperature has driven WASH SDG Sub-Programmes to adapt their strategies and work towards climate-resilient WASH facilities and services. In this episode, special attention is paid to how climate change impacts socially disadvantaged groups in the WASH sector. By using examples of sub-programmes from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal, guests will discuss how they have come up with strategies to support the WASH needs of these group and strengthen their climate-resilience.

Listen to the podcast via Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcast and Anchor

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