Our work towards a healthy future for women and girls in Africa and Asia is made possible by our partnerships with our national, international and Dutch partners. Whether the collaboration is short or long-term, global or local, with government or an organisation: a good partnership can help us maximise the impact of projects.

Powerful women, healthy societies are possible with the support of these partners. Do you want to become a partner?
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Do you want to know more about partnerships or becoming a partner? Our Director Partnerships Development Veerle Ver Loren van Themaat is happy to support.

Veerle Ver Loren van Themaat
Veerle Ver Loren van Themaat
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Shila Tharu Nepal WASH SDG
Shila Tharu Nepal

Become a partner and let women and girls enjoy their human right to safe water and sanitation.

Become a partner and join us!