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About Simavi Foundation

Where does Simavi work?

Simavi works to improve the daily lives of women and girls in 10 African and Asian countries.


  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda


  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Nepal

How did Simavi originate?

Simavi was founded in 1925 by two Dutch doctors: J. van der Spek and H. Bervoets. Their goal was to provide medical missionary staff located in the Dutch East Indies with medicines, instruments and equipment.

What is Simavi's approach?

We put women at the centre of our work, focus on human rights and building lasting change. In all our projects we ensure that no one is excluded. Men and boys are also included, but women's priorities are at the centre of everything we do.

Does Simavi's approach work?

We don’t count the number of toilets as a measure of success, instead, we measure the impact we have: lasting change in the lives of girls and women.

The only way to ensure lasting change is to invest sustainably in health. That is why Simavi’s projects focus on two critical topics to achieve well-being and health for all women and girls. Firstly, water, sanitation and hygiene, and secondly, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Does Simavi work with other organisations?

Yes, we work on a healthy future for women and girls in Africa and Asia together with our partners in those countries as they know the situation there like no other - and the women and girls themselves. We also work with our (inter)national partners: companies, governments and agencies, funds and schools.

Practical information

Which certifications and quality marks does Simavi have?

Simavi has the following quality marks and certifications:

  • CBF quality mark: Simavi is a Recognised Charity, so we meet the strict quality requirements of the CBF, (the Netherlands Fundraising Regulator) an independent foundation that monitors fundraising by charities.
  • ANBI status: a Public Benefit Institution, which means we serve a 90% or more general interest. Our sister foundations ZIEN and NFICH are also classified as ANBI.
  • ISO certification: is a certificate indicating that a company ensures a quality management system.

What is Simavi's RSIN number?

Our tax number / RSIN number is 0010.17.603.
The RSIN numbers of our sister foundations ZIEN and NFICH are 8003.40.607 and 8034.81.172 respectively.

How does Simavi process my data?

From the moment we save your data, we are data "processors". Simavi is therefore responsible for processing your personal data and we believe that careful handling of this data is very important. Read more about this in our privacy statement.

Where can I find Simavi's annual reports?

The most recent annual report can be found here. The annual report is published in May.

How does Simavi get income?

Simavi receives money through various channels. We have our own fundraising profits, profits from campaigns by private individuals and companies and Simavi receives subsidies from governments.

What are the employees' salaries based on?

Simavi has a formalised salary scheme. The positions of the employees are divided into job groups based on job responsibility. These job groups are linked to salary scales. The job groups were established by means of an objective measurement method by an independent agency (Human Capital Group). Research has shown that the salary levels of our employees are around average for the sector and are in line with the market.

What does the director of Simavi earn?

In 2022 the annual salary of Simavi’s director is € 95.000 per year (bruto, incl. holiday allowance).

How can I support Simavi?

You can support in various ways: by donating of course, but you can also make a difference by volunteering, as a partner, or by signing up for one of our campaigns. See what you can do at

Does my donation get to the right place?

For every euro we get, at least 85% goes directly into the work we do for women and girls. The rest goes to marketing & fundraising and general organisational costs. Our finances are public and can be viewed in our annual report.

Can I adjust my donation?

Yes, you can adjust, stop or amend the frequency of your donation. View the contact and support options.

How does donating with a tax benefit (periodic donation) work?

Your donation is tax-deductible if you record your donation to Simavi for at least five years in a periodic donation agreement. Part of your donation will be returned by the tax authorities. You can arrange this via a form, online or by post.

Can I put Simavi in my will and does Simavi offer help with this?

It is possible to donate (part of) your estate to Simavi. We offer you personal advice and are happy to help you. Check the options.

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