World Water Week 2022: Looking forward with us

Article: 28.07.22, Amsterdam

World Water Week is the leading conference on global water issues, held every year since 1991. The Week attracts a diverse mix of participants from many professional backgrounds and every corner of the world.

This year, the conference centers on how we value water. A theme that is particularly important, as the worlds’ freshwater is under unprecedented pressure from fast-rising temperatures, populations, and consumption patterns. Revealing and understanding the value of water will trigger much-needed decisions, innovations, and investments in managing water better.

Making space for stories of those living with the water crisis

The conference’s focus this year greatly aligns with Simavi’s Water Wake-Up Call campaign, through which we raise awareness about the global water crisis as a result of climate change. The water crisis hits women and girls in Africa and Asia hardest. They did not cause the climate crisis but are being presented with the worst consequences. Women and girls are, however, a crucial part of finding inclusive and sustainable solutions for the challenges climate change brings. We believe that putting those who are at the forefront of the water crisis in the driver's seat is essential for decision-making. This means making space for the stories and experiences of those living with the realities of water shortages, floods, and other climate change events.

Simavi at World Water Week

During World Water Week, Simavi will be present with four online sessions. As per this year’s theme, Simavi will share stories of our programmes and partners, paying particular attention to the intersection of WASH, climate and gender.

Step in the shoes of a rural water Asset Manager

10:00 AM - 11:20 AM CEST on Tuesday, August 23

Asset Management is a proven management strategy for large utilities to systematically maintain network infrastructure and guarantee continuous operation. It is hardly practiced in rural areas of the Global South. In this session we explore how to potentially apply Asset Management approaches and tools in these areas.

Convenors: WASH Alliance International (Consisting of Simavi, Practica, RAIN, Practical Action Bangladesh, CIUD Nepal, Lumanti Nepal and SmartTech Solutions Nepal) - as part of the WASH SDG programme

Hearing the unheard: mutual accountability to realise universal rights

11:30 AM - 12:50 PM CEST on Wednesday, August 24

This session intends to amplify the voices of disadvantaged groups who due to their specific situation need to walk the extra mile in order to realise their human rights to water and sanitation. These specific situations could be i.e. being a moving population, refugee, living in informal settlement or under closed civic space etc.

Convenors: Abangan Iran, End Water Poverty, Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Society Network, Pastoral Women Alliance, Rural Water Supply Network, Simavi, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

WASH Response to Climate Change: Climate resilience and sustainability challenges

7:00 AM - 8:20 AM CEST on Thursday, August 25

This session will facilitate mutual knowledge exchange based on three programmes from the WASH-SDG Consortium. We will share how WASH programmes adapt to diverse water-related climate challenges as well as engage the audience with learnings and challenges related to ensuring the climate resilience and sustainability of WASH services for all.

Convenors: Amref Flying Doctors, Plan International, Simavi, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation ,WASH Alliance International, WASH SDG Consortium

The heart of resilience: Cultivating the untapped potential of women

1:00 PM - 2:20 PM CEST on Thursday, August 25

In a world where the impending risks of climate change press daily, a twofold reality presents itself—while women are disproportionately affected by climate change, they are uniquely situated to lead efforts in response. This session aims to collect recommendations for further cultivating women’s untapped potentials as heart of resilience.

Conveners: WaterAid, Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Centre for Social Planning and Administrative Development (CESPAD), Simavi

Esther Oeganda

Everbody has the human right to safe water and sanitation.

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