COP28-deal offers too little on phasing out fossil fuels and on targets for global adaptation

Article: 13.12.23, Dubai

Nearly 200 countries agreed at the COP28 climate summit to begin ‘transitioning away from fossil fuels’ to avert the worst of climate change.

'While it is a first of its kind deal signalling the eventual end of the oil age, it doesn’t urge countries to commit on it and it contains a litany of loopholes', says policy and advocacy officer Esin Erdoğan from Simavi.

‘For communities in climate vulnerable areas that are already engulfed by floods, parched by droughts, swept by hurricanes, and especially those with the least resources to respond, this is a disappointing result to say the least.’

Sultan Al Jaber, COP28 President and other participants onstage during the Closing Plenary at the UN Climate Change Conference COP28. Photo by COP28 / Christopher Pike

Lack of ambitious targets backed with finance

She is also disappointed about the lack of ambitious quantitative and qualitative targets backed with finance for the Global Goal on Adaptation. ‘The Adaptation Gap report reminded us that the funding scale should be increased by 10 tot 18 times from the current levels, but we are still far from reaching this goal. Also, the importance of Global Adaptation to be inclusive and pay particular attention to gender equality and human rights, is not reflected enough in the results of the negotiations.'

Let’s not forget the needs of the most vulnerable countries

All the more important, that we keep a close eye on the countries that are now responsible for delivering through national policies and investments on the deal that has been struck, says Erdoğan. 'Let’s make sure that we don’t forget the needs of the most vulnerable countries and island states, that have raised their voices so persistently in the last two weeks. We do not leave Dubai in peace about adaptation, mitigating fossil fuels, nor loss and damage. Instead we take on the spirit to keep fighting for better with the results we achieved together. That starts today.'

Esther Oeganda

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