Project: Nepal, 2023 — 2026

Simavi and Dopper are working with local partners, ENPHO and Biruwa, to ensure a sustainable water supply for Changunarayan. Families in the fast-growing municipality Changunarayan in Nepal lack safe drinking water.

A part of Changunarayan Municipality in Bhaktapur District, Nepal

Due to poor operation and maintenance of piped water supply systems, many of the people in the area are contaminated with faecal bacteria, posing a serious health hazard. The system could face a potential collapse, leaving the community without reliable access to clean water. This is especially affecting women, children and the often-excluded Tamang people. 


Only 25% of the water supply is fully functioning   

Almost 40% of the water supply requires major repairs

71% of all water sources are contaminated with e-coli bacteria

Impact of the programme 

The name of the project, Sarwacha, means 'the highest' in Nepali. Because that is the goal of our programme: to achieve the highest possible when it comes to water-safe municipalities.

Our goal is to ensure that all people living in Changunarayan Municipality (57,536) have equitable and sustainable access to safe water supply and sanitation services. This will lead to improved health, hygiene, and overall well-being, particularly among marginalised and socially excluded groups. This programme will bring local governments, the private sector and the community together to work on system change.  


We recognise that simply providing piped water supply is not enough. To ensure the water quality, the water supply systems need to be efficiently operated and managed. This requires a holistic approach, with the involvement of all responsible stakeholders: local governments, the private sector and the communities themselves.  

We empower the local community, particularly women and marginalised groups, to actively participate in decision-making processes and income-generating activities related to water and sanitation. The private sector is seen as a valuable partner, providing financing mechanisms, technical expertise, and support in infrastructure development. 

Our activities include training sessions, water quality testing, policy development, awareness campaigns, and capacity building. We focus on improving the operation and management of water supply schemes, enhancing water safety plans, and promoting private sector engagement. 

Together with Dopper and our local partner organisations, we develop a blueprint that may serve as an example for many other municipalities in Nepal. The programme intends to show that a holistic approach leads to a strong and sustainable system.

A public stone spout in the region in need of renovation

Key targets  

  •  Ensuring safe water supply for 9,000 people in the Changunarayan Municipality by declaring at least 1 water-safe community per ward.  
  • Empowering 60 women to actively participate in decision-making processes related to water supply management.  
  • Implementing 20 water safety plans to improve the quality and safety of water supply schemes.  
  • Reaching 36,000 people directly through a comprehensive drinking water safety and hygiene promotion campaign.  
  • Providing access to safe drinking water for 2,250 students and 90 teachers in schools, enhancing the well-being of the education community.  
  • Upgrading healthcare facilities to improve water access for 16,371 patients and 21 healthcare staff, ensuring better health outcomes.  
  • Establishing a mini lab for water quality testing to enhance monitoring and control.  
  • Indirectly benefiting the entire population of 57,536 people in the municipality through improved water supply systems and hygiene promotion activities. 

Budget: 405.830 euro, Duration: 3 years (2023-2026), Locations: Changunarayan Municipality - Nepal

Local partners

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