WASH Learn & Share

Project: Uganda, 2023 — 2026

More than half of all schools in Uganda lack adequate toilet and water facilities. For girls in particular, this means they regularly miss school. With the WASH, Learn & Share project, we are working to improve health, education and well-being for all.

Muhindo Mercy is washing her hands near the new toilets on the Kinyampanika elementary school.

Purpose of the WASH, Learn & Share programme

With the WASH, Learn & Share project, we are working to ensure sustainable access to clean water, safe sanitation and hygiene education in 18 schools and 36 surrounding villages in Uganda.

By implementing innovative solutions, encouraging community involvement and empowering local entrepreneurs, we aim to achieve the SDGs related to safe water and sanitation (SDG 6) and gender equality (SDG 5).

We focus on creating lasting impact by addressing the root causes of water scarcity and poor sanitation, contributing to better health, education and well-being for all.


Over 50% of schools in Uganda lack adequate sanitation facilities

Thousands of girls in Uganda miss school due to water scarcity

Poor sanitation impacts girls' attendance and health disproportionately

WASH & Learn: Johan's story

Programme approach

Using schools as a starting point, the WASH, Learn & Share programme makes crucial connections with local entrepreneurs, governments and communities. By engaging the entire community, we empower local stakeholders to take ownership of WASH projects and foster a sense of collective responsibility. 

By partnering with entrepreneurs, we ensure the sustainability of interventions after the project ends, with businesses providing ongoing support and maintenance. At the same time, partnerships with governments facilitate policy advocacy and resource allocation, bringing WASH priorities into broader development agendas. 

By fostering connections between schools, entrepreneurs, governments and communities, we lay the foundation for holistic, community-driven innovative solutions that effectively address water, sanitation and hygiene challenges.

Consortium budget: €800,000, Simavi budget: €210,000, Duration: 3 years, Location: Kabarole en Bunyangabu Districts, Uganda


The programme works with a diverse range of partners, who all bring in their own expertise and knowledge. 

Supporters of the programme

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Sandra van Soelen
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