Water Business Circle: invest in local water solutions

Supported by companies that are part of our Water Business Circle Simavi is working to improve access to water in Africa and Asia, where the water situation is becoming dire due to climate change.

Investing in water and women is essentiel for a sustainable future, that is why they are at the heart of our programmes.

For millions of women and girls worldwide - in climate-sensitive areas in Kenya and Bangladesh, for example - the consequences of scarce drinking water are more than profound. Investing in water and women is essential for a sustainable future. Women are at the heart of our projects.

Women and girls often know exactly what they need in their specific situations. Solutions to water and sanitation problems are, fortunately, also available. But who invests in these small-scale projects?

Important facts

Women and girls in large parts of Africa and Asia bear the brunt of the water crisis. 

Billions pledged for climate change are not reaching the poorest of the poor.

Two-thirds of climate projects do not take gender into account as an important factor.

How can my company contribute?

Businesses - by joining our network – you can play a critical role in investing in these women and girls and enabling solutions to the water crisis. The Water Business Circle is open to small and larger companies from all sectors. Schedule an appointment with our relationship manager Fernando van der Brug to discuss how your company can contribute.

Virginia Yanquilevich CEO Dopper
Because water is the basis of everything, it deserves more attention from companies.

Join and be inspired

Is your company taking action? Join Simavi's Water Business Circle today. Meet, act and be inspired. Dive into the world of water with us and many of our member companies. Because as simple as water may seem - it is an essential element for life and a sustainable future.

What the business network offers:

  • Business Programme (opportunities for a tailor-made programme for your company)
  • Network meetings (content & inspiration) throughout the year
  • Employee and customer engagement.
  • IMPACT for communities in Africa and Asia through the Water Justice Fund.

Your participation contributes to the Water Justice Fund. Your company offers local women's groups an opportunity to work on water projects that empower their communities. Small-scale investments in communities thus make a world of difference.

Our relationship manager will be happy to tell you more about the content of the corporate programme and the projects made possible through investments in the Water Justice Fund. To do so, schedule an appointment using the contact form below.

Dive into the water with us

Plan an appointment with our relationship manager Fernando van der Brug

Virginia Yanquilevich, CEO Dopper:

"As a strategic business partner, Dopper has been working with Simavi on the topic of drinking water for over 13 years. Because water is the basis of everything, it deserves more attention from companies. Companies can do an awful lot - within their own company but also for others in the world who do not yet have access to decent basic facilities. We hope to meet other companies at the Water Business Circle meetings."

Water is our business

Under the theme ‘Water is our business’, we ask companies to support and embrace this important issue. By investing in the innovative Water Justice Fund - and also by scrutinising their organisation's water consumption in the workplace.

The corporate programme offers support in many areas to raise awareness of the theme in a substantive and accessible way. But also as a starting point for a broader Corporate Social Responsibility policy, especially on responsible water consumption.

Make an appointment with our relationship manager

Would you like to know more? Or register your company directly? Our relationship manager Fernando van der Brug will be happy to schedule an appointment (online or in person) or send any additional information you may require. Fill in the contact form below and we will contact you within 5 working days.

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Thank you for diving into the water with us!

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