Sarwacha programme: Simavi and Dopper team up again for safe drinking water in Nepal

Article: 15.08.23, Nederland, Karin Bojorge-Alvarez

Dopper and Simavi are launching a new programme for safe drinking water in Nepal. August 10th  was the official kick-off of the 3-year Sarwacha programme at Dopper's office in Haarlem. 

De teams from Simavi and Dopper that were present for the signing of the agreement. In the picture: Fernando van der Brug (Director Private Fundraising Simavi ), Maryanne Mutch ( Programme Manager Simavi), Chrissie van Heijningen (Impact Manager Dopper), Virginia Yanquilevich (CEO Dopper), Dieneke van der Wijk (managing director Simavi), Heidi Beasley (Impact Manager a.i. Dopper)

Together achieving the highest

Simavi director Dieneke van der Wijk: 'Sarwacha means 'the highest' in Nepali. Because that is the goal of our programme: to achieve the highest possible outcome when it comes to Water Safe Municipalities. By working together with governments, businesses and the people themselves, we can achieve real change. Together, we can move mountains. We are therefore extremely happy that Dopper has once again chosen to work with Simavi for the right to safe water in Nepal.'

Dopper has supported Simavi's water programmes in Nepal ever since the first reusable water bottle was sold. By constructing water points, tens of thousands of Nepalis now have better access to clean drinking water. First in southern Ruphendi and then in Gorkha and Baglung districts. The new project focuses on the fast-growing municipality of Changunarayan, where there is a severe lack of safe drinking water.

Equal and sustainable access to safe drinking water

Many of the local water supplies do not meet national drinking water quality standards. High contamination risks, such as with E. coli bacteria, lead to unsafe water consumption. Because water supplies are often interrupted and inadequate, many families - especially marginalised community members, mainly women, children and the disabled - are forced to drink contaminated water.

The goal of the Sarwacha programme is to ensure that the nearly 60,000 residents of Changunarayan municipality have equal and sustainable access to safe drinking water. What is special about the project is that it brings together local governments, the private sector and the community to work towards sustainable system change. And that people most affected by poor water quality, such as women and disadvantaged groups, participate in decision-making on water and sanitation.

Dopper and Simavi focussing on system change

Chrissie van Heijningen, Dopper's Impact Manager: 'Dopper's mission is to put an end to packaged water by making everyone drink from the tap. But how can we ask that of people if they don't have access to clean drinking water from the tap? Nepal lies at the foot of the Himalayas, one of the largest freshwater reservoirs in the world. The potential is enormous. Yet 81% of the people there do not have access to clean drinking water from the tap. We must change this. At Dopper, we believe that with this new project, together with Simavi, we are taking a step forward towards more, greater and long-term impact by focusing on system change.'

Fernando van der Brug, private fundraising team manager at Simavi: 'Dopper's mission is not only to create a world where we reduce plastic waste, but also wants everyone around the world to have access to safe drinking water. We have therefore been working wholeheartedly for years to improve water supplies. Deep into the communities that need it most.’

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