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The price of water: violence and harassment against women and girls

14.03.24 Uganda, Nepal and Bangladesh
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More money and more confidence: WASH committees in Bangladesh achieve spectacular results

Water and sanitation committees in Bangladesh urge their local government to put safe water first in their budgets. Simavi trains and guides them.
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Taking matters into your own hands for better access to water: the story of Magreth Augustino

When Magreth Augustino, as the only woman on the water committee, failed to get the interests of women and girls on the agenda, she took matters into her own hands. Thank...
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Simavi receives 1.5 million from Dutch Postcode Lottery for Water Justice Fund

14.02.24 Amsterdam
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How the Water Justice Fund inspired a community leader and her entire village

Nirmala Chaudhary is a member of the Mehenatisheel community group. When I spoke with Nirmala in July 2023, her story left an undeniable impression on me.
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Women in water committees make the difference: the story of Hellen Mollel

'Only with female leaders are we going to succeed in solving water problems', is Hellen Mollel's conviction. She herself is a shining example of it.
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WASH SDG: this is how building effective coalitions contributed to system change

Bangladesh is one of the countries that is not on track to reach SDG6 for water and sanitation. The successful WASH SDG WAI sub-programme led by Simavi shows how effectiv...
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Knowledge exchange in Satkhira, Bangladesh, as part of the WASH SDG programme

Patience and cultural sensitivity: key factors for system change in WASH

Learnings from the WASH SDG WAI sub-programme in Bangladesh led by Simavi show the importance of locally-led interventions for lasting change.
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COP28-deal offers too little on phasing out fossil fuels and on targets for global adaptation

13.12.23 Dubai
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Jane Nyamwamu about the impact of the Water Justice Fund: 'Women can do magic'

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