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Joyce Mahanyi

Joyce Mahanyi: “When you educate a woman, you educate the whole community”

After being trained by various water organisations in Tanzania on the importance of safe water sources, Joyce decided to educate her community on water source protection.
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Chandra: 'Now I am comfortable talking in groups, with the community and with government officials'

This is the story of Chandra, a woman who had never worked outside her home before but who became a powerful advocate for safe water when her son fell gravely ill.
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Signing agreement Sarwacha by Simavi and Dopper

Sarwacha programme: Simavi and Dopper team up again for safe drinking water in Nepal

15.08.23 Nederland
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Nirmala Chaudhary chairperson of womens' group

Nirmala Chaudhary: “These reinforcements are better and last longer than other dykes."

Nirmala Chaudhary is fighting for the survival of her village in Nepal. Last year, a major flood knocked out the existing embankments alongside the river.
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Shuvodra Khisa

Indigenous youth as agents of change

09.08.23 Bangladesh
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Sitat Parmuat pooring water at water point

World Water Week 2023: following up on UN Water Conference

01.08.23 The Netherlands
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I am Simavi - Kazooba Diana: ‘Simavi implementing partners know better than any of us what people need.’

26.07.23 Kampala, Uganda
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Two women of the women's group Bed ki Igen Dream Girls with reusable menstrual pads

Leveraging existing structures to promote and sustain WASH: The story of the Bed ki Gen Dream Girls

The Bed ki Gen Dream Girls in Uganda work on improving sanitation facilities, menstrual health and the income of its members.
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Jane Nyamwamu about the impact of the Water Justice Fund: ‘Women can do magic’

On 4 July, the Water Justice Fund was officially launched in Kajiado County, Kenya. Jane Nyamwamu tells us about why she is so passionate about this new fund.
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Jane Nyamwamu about the impact of the Water Justice Fund: 'Women can do magic'

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