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How 28 Nepalese women pitched in and jumped headfirst into the menstrual pad business

28 women run a business in Nepal that sells sanitary pads and provides menstruation education in schools. Read the story of the Rose Sangharsha Group.
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Pragati Bajracharya

I am Simavi - Pragati Bajracharya: ‘Our society can only move forward if everyone has access to water’

10.05.23 Kathmandu, Nepal
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Reaching SDG goals on the local level: the power of a digital self-monitoring tool

A self-monitoring tool turned out to be a major motivator for local communities to progress towards SDG 6: water and sanitation for all. Simavi's Karmath Subedi explains.
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Laxmi Pun Magar

From volunteer to WASH influencer in Nepal: the story of Laxmi Pun Magar

Laxmi's story is one of perseverance. Starting as a volunteer she has risen to vice-chairperson in her municipality, determined to specifically support women.
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Stieneke van der Graaf (ChristenUnie), Jan Klink (VVD) en Jorien Wuite (D66) nemen de petitie in ontvangst.

Simavi hands over more than 16,000 signatures to MP's: 'Don't let women bear the brunt of the water crisis'

28.03.23 Nederland
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Simavi and Women Win launch the Water Justice Fund: women and girls at the forefront of climate action

24.03.23 Amsterdam
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Why we should be talking about sex for water in New York

22.03.23 Amsterdam
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UN Water Conference: challenging world leaders for a water just action agenda

15.03.23 Amsterdam
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Yunia Musaazi wants more women in water committees: 'Women know what they're talking about'

08.03.23 The Netherlands
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Jane Nyamwamu about the impact of the Water Justice Fund: 'Women can do magic'

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